DutyWatch Remote for iPad 1.0

DutyWatch Remote for iPad 1.0


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DutyWatch Remote for iPad is software for monitoring employee™s activity via iPad.

DutyWatch Remote for iPad monitors and connects all computers via local network with preinstalled DutyWatch by iPad. Regarding simple features it™s possible to check every employee™s work and to see their productivity at any time during the day, week, and month.
DutyWatch Remote for iPad allows getting full information about your employee's computer working.

This program has a friendly and easy to use interface with simple preferences. You can check the activity of staff when you are not in the office.

Using DutyWatch Remote You'll never need to sneak back onto employees computers again because all their activity is transmitted to iPad DutyWatch version. You can verify your employees using the calendar, where you can learn in detail about the activities of your employees what programs are running, the personal correspondence during office hours.
ActyMac DutyWatch records all typed emails, chats, IMs, web sites or web searches. Program capture screenshots of current work and store all running programs. ActyMac DutyWatch is a powerful tool to address employee productivity while protecting your company against security breaches and/or disloyal employees.

Statistics can be viewed as a graph or to find out how much time was spent on the Internet, at work or in chat rooms. Through this program you can adjust your employees to conduct business more productive.

Today more than ever employers need to be concerned about what their employees are doing on their computers. What seems to be harmless personal use of your company's computers can lead to time consuming and costly legal and security.

Do not waste your time, make business more efficient using DutyWatch Remote for iPad!
Comprehensive Monitoring of Computer Usage
With ActyMac DutyWatch all computer activity is recorded and monitored. DutyWatch records:
* Each user login
* Each application used
* Amount of time spent in each application
* Keyboard usage
* Exact keystrokes
* Screen shots at user specified intervals

ActyMac DutyWatch can be customized to take screen shots at intervals from one minute to 60 minutes apart. This allows you to go back days, weeks, even months to view what was open and running on that computer.


To make DutyWatch Remote work, you will need to download the ActyMac DutyWatch Remote software from http://www.actymac.com/DutyWatch_Remote/ and install on your Mac. This software enables the DutyWatch Remote for iPad application on your iPad to find employy computers and monitor it.


* Mac with OS X 10.4 or higher
* Mac and iPhone can be connected with network.
* ActyMac DutyWatch Remote software must be installed and running on the Mac you want to monitor.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 3.2 or later. Compatible with iPad.

Systems: iOS

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